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Throwback Thursday!
Me, at age 10, pointing at a figure portrait I did while sitting in on one of my mom’s classes. The portrait is on display in the student show, along side of much more developed art - but, hey, it’s not too shabby for a 10 year old.
Also check out that sweet fanny-pack and lanyard combo - it certainly says artiste to me.
Zoë Meighan. 2004. Conte crayon.
Stole my partner in crime’s ipad while he was distracted by his phone. Played around with ArtRage and ended up with this.
Zoë Meighan. 2014. Digital Drawing

This was a poster project for my Photoshop class in the fall. For some reason when I uploaded these to tumblr they look a lot more pixel-y then than they actually are.

P.S. You can see the printed out versions of these posters on my studio wall in a previous post.

Zoë Meighan. 2013. Photoshop.

Kissing Practice

Zoë Meighan. 2014. Metal scraps and pantyhose.

This past year a part of my job was to update a lovely little black board each week with an upcoming event or two. I had a lot of fun and look forward to doing it again this year! These are some of my favorites.

(This also shows how lucky I am to go to a school with so much going on - these signs don’t even begin to cover the amount of things that happen each week.)

I made this to add to the Lady Knights of Tumblr, but I have since misplaced the notebook it is in. Thus all I have is this low quality photo. In the future, should I find that notebook, I will post a scan of the image.

Zoë Meighan. 2014. Pen and ink and Watercolor.

A picture of one of my studio walls from this past year. On it you can see a lot of my Photoshop work from the fall.
I drew this in class one day and liked it enough to slice it out of my notebook and stick it on my studio door. So here it is, in all its glory, on my studio door.
Zoë Meighan. 2014. Ball point pen and loose leaf paper.
Zoë Meighan. 2013. Graphite pencil.
Zoë Meighan. 2013. Micron pen and prisma color pencil.